Azin’s road map began from her early desire to move with ease and grace and her fascination with the wisdom of the Eastern ancient philosophies which overlooks strengthening and balancing the mind -body- spirit as an integrated unity. Her long- term journey of study and embodiment of Pilates method began with contemporary approach. However, the discovery and immersion in Classical Pilates which shifted her understanding of this therapeutic exercise method and philosophy led her 2nd certification in “Advanced Program” ( 1500 hours) at the world renowned The Pilates Center.

She believes her academic background in science, her knowledge of Psychology, biomechanics, life style, diet and food choices combined with her passion and intuition about the art of healthy living, has been very beneficial for her clients. Her background in movement includes working as a teacher and dancer in classical oriental dance, Barr et Cel, ballet body conditioning and Eccentric stretch therapy.

Azin enjoys assisting her clients in their healing journey by finding new pathways of movement through education, increasing awareness and repatterning.

In her free time, she finds joy and restoration with movement either dance, Pilates or in the nature with her husband and dog. She restores her peace and harmony with meditation. also is an avid reader with interest in mind body medicine.



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